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One of the biggest problems of most of the students is memory power. You can learn better and store information in your mind for a long time, you can learn quickly as well only if you have a good memory. How can you increase memory power? How can you increase your brain power? How to learn quickly? How to improve concentration power? Are the few questions which are co-related.

Enter full description of the course.   Are You Inspired To Try These Memory Techniques? Out of all these techniques, the Memory Palace happens to be the most effective and versatile method. You can easily combine it with other techniques to build an excellent memory. Do you want to know how to improve your memory for studying? Who doesn’t?                              After all, it’s the 21st century and there’s so much to learn! Seriously: There’s too much to study in too little time – especially before an exam. But it’s not just a time issue. It’s not just an issue of volume when it comes to so many books and videos to consume. The core of the problem isn’t any of those things. The core of the problem is memory… The things that your brain just can’t memorize no matter how many times you repeat them. Why? Because you don’t have a strategy for managing your learning and memory. But don’t worry! Let’s dive in. There are techniques powerful techniques to help you remember anything you have to study. You’ll learn everything far more easily – facts, dates, formulae, equations, whatever. These techniques will make it far easier for you to ace your next exam as they will  help you remember anything you have to study. You’ll learn everything far more easily – facts, dates, formulae, equations, whatever.

Course Currilcum

    • Why we forget 00:00:00
    • Food and Memory 00:00:00
    • Exercise and Memory 00:00:00
    • Sleep and Memory 00:00:00
    • World of Mnemonics 00:00:00
    • Loci – The roman room and familiar path 00:00:00
    • The Link of chain system 00:00:00
    • The Peg/ Hook System 00:00:00

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